Product Photoshoot | Girl Behind The Lens | Next Level Chocolate
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About This Project

A product photoshoot collaboration with Next Level Chocolate, which are handmade in the heart of Brighton. Can’t beat artisan, small batch chocolate! The photographic brief was to produce a small exclusive range of product photographs showcasing their chocolates on location and in the studio. Such fun with this shoot capturing the essence of hand produced chocolate in some hidden gem locations! I love capturing artisan foodies and pioneers making a difference in the world of food!


Next Level Chocolate is lovingly handmade in small batches each week in Brighton. Simply, it was born out of wanting to enjoy chocolate in a purer and healthier way, avoiding mass production and the adding of unnecessary adulterants that disconnect us from the true dark chocolate experience. The best way to do this was by creating their own. Only the highest quality whole food ingredients are used, and the chocolate is kept raw to preserve the natural benefits of cacao.










Business, Photography, Product Photography