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Why your Brand Photography & Branding go hand in hand

9th Jan 2024

If you have a business, then you’ve probably been hearing the term Personal Branding thrown about lately and wonder what photography has to do with branding at all?  Well, your Brand photography and Branding go hand in hand!

Setting a business apart from others is no easy feat. In today’s world, not only does a business plan have to be solid, but business owners must find ways to differentiate themselves and stand out among the competition. In order to have a cohesive brand, first you must define it. Your branding is the first thing you should have on point, helping customers create a connection and know who you are.


With so much at stake, creating your own branding design or using random stock photography sends a low-quality message to the people that your business is trying to reach.  You need to know who your client is and exactly what your message is to them, ideally nicely accompanied with branding guidelines from your designer. Then you need to get that message out into the world and what better way than with authentic, lifestyle photographs that help people get to know your business, and want to work with you?




Professional photography and branding go together, and if a business wants to be taken seriously, they can’t afford to rely on anything less. Here are three ways to professional photography and branding go hand-in-hand:

Your Photographer always looks at your brand to be able to create imagery that fits your branding and meets your audience. From what your brand colours are to incorporate into props and clothing, to where you intend to use your photos and what stories you want to tell.

Whether you have a product or service-based business, you are the brand. You created this business based on what you love doing and what you care about. So if you’re not showing up as the face of your brand, through both your branding and your business photos, you’re seriously hurting your small business.

Quality photographs add a sense of professionalism to your brand’s website and other marketing tools. Adding photographs to your social media marketing can increase views by an average of 94% so it’s a no brainer to include high-quality photos to help your brand stand out, even in a saturated market.




So what are the benefits of Brand Photography?

  1. Your first impressions count. Nothing is more important than a first impression. Your sense of professionalism is such a big part of a potential client’s decision to support your business. Your branding photos tell your brand story the way you want it to be seen.
  2. They show your personality. Your professional branding photos showcase your unique personality. You can use them a variety of ways throughout your website, social media and marketing efforts.
  3. Photos build trust and credibility. By showing your potential clients your brand’s story and what makes you unique, they will feel like they know and trust you already!
  4. They keep it consistent.  Another perk? They help build your brand identity. High-quality images and visual content can help convey your businesses values and create a consistent look and feel across all of your marketing materials.
  5. It’s more than just a headshot. Your personal brand photos help to visually show your creative process. You could also show your workspace and what it would be like to work with you, connecting customers with the face behind the business, rather than just your logo or copy.



Brand Photography and your Branding go hand in hand on so many levels and are important when running your independent business or starting your brand. That’s why myself and Heather from Pelosi Creative have created. combined package where you gain a start to your branding, alongside Lifestyle photos all in one place!

Perfect for established businesses looking to up their branding game, or start ups looking to begin their brand journey, this affordable branding package is a seamless combination of Branding and Brand Photography so you don’t have to organise both, when starting your business and planning it all.

Read more about the package here and get in touch to get your brand kick-started!


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