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Client's Stories: an Interview with The Natural Spa

14th Aug 2023

I’ll be chatting with another one of my wonderful clients, Zoe from The Natural Spa, this month as part of my Client’s Stories series, to explore her beautiful products and learn about her best sellers. The Natural Spa create plastic free and vegan products in their small workshop in Devon, and after years of working together on product photoshoots it’s a pleasure to feature Zoe and her biz on my blog.


Hi Zoe, why and when did you decide to start your incredible business?

I was in between jobs and always had a love for natural products. I had grown up watching my parents running their business’ and that also inspired me to start my own. I originally started as a side hustle and then eventually took the leap to do my business full-time.


Where do you get your inspiration for your scents & products?

We take inspiration from two things:

  • The benefits natural raw ingredients can provide for your skin and hair
  • Scent combinations that make you love your look forward to using the products over and over again


What does a typical working day look like for you, or your team?

Typically there will be 3 of us at the workshop but it could be up to 5 of us depending on the day

Packing orders, manufacturing product and restocking our warehouse is what the team spend most of their time doing. My role is now 90% admin based with marketing, keeping the website up to date, ordering, accounts, customer service and all the important behind-the-scenes tasks that you don’t see on social media.


Soaps in a Product Photoshoot for The Natural Spa


List your 3 best-selling products.

We sell on a multitude of sales channels and wholesale as well so its hard to pinpoint our top sellers, at the moment I would say:

Lavender Lime Conditioner Bar

Soap Sampler – 8-piece gift box

Lemon Calendula Body Scrub

These products fly off our shelves almost as quickly as we can restock them!



What’s been a highlight in your business journey so far?

It’s so hard to pinpoint a specific highlight, but I always how proud I am of 2 things:

Helping so many people reduce their single-use plastic usage without compromising on quality, and providing a handful of stable jobs for local people.



Soaps in a Product Photoshoot for The Natural Spa  Soaps in a Product Photoshoot for The Natural Spa



Where can we find your lovely products? What shops are you in?

The best place to find our products is on our website but you can also find us in 100’s of shops across the UK (and even some in the USA too!)


Do you enjoy working as an independent business?

Yes, working as an independent business is great it gives us the room to be flexible and adaptive to changes. Also having a more personal relationship with our clients is very rewarding. There are so many names I see pop up on the checkout over and over again and it really means the world.


You can find The Natural Spa on Instagram or shop their beautiful beauty products from their online shop.

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