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How professional photos make you more sales

5th Jul 2023

It’s no doubt the professional photos you will receive from your photoshoot with help sales, and your small business to grow, but exactly how?


Bear in mind that a large portion of the information your brain receives is visual. Yep, it all pretty much revolves around photos – even better if they are professional photos! That means potential customers will make a decision based on what a product or business looks like in a very short amount of time. It may even be just seconds on seeing one of your photos pop up on their endless feed or in the scroll of products on a marketplace. 

While having great product descriptions is also important (gotta love the copy), the brain can’t process them as quickly as photos. It’s not just about having photos, however – it’s about having quality, eye-catching, professional photos!

That’s why you should invest in getting some rather top quality product photography to show off all you offer. That’s where I come in! According to statistics, 8 out of 10 potential buyers will not consider a product item without a photo. Better get them sorted then.


Pick and Stitch Product Photography


Your product is your brand and your brand is everything. You don’t always know where consumers will find your brand, but you absolutely want to make sure that what they see makes a good first impression.

Quality photographs have the power to make people aware of your products, choose them, purchase them, and then recommend them to the people they know. That’s how businesses grow organically! However, photography works both ways. If someone sees a good photo somewhere, it can convey a positive message. In turn, bad, unprofessional photos can create an impression that your business isn’t nearly as good as your competition.

I may be biased, but I’d say it’s worth outsourcing your photography and getting it right first time! It is believed that a well-taken photograph accounts for at least 80% of sales success. Woo hoo! 

Customers are convinced by real product images, especially when they are making intentional purchases. A mix of product photos, and lifestyle images with hands in the frame work wonders to give your customer an idea of how your product will work best for them, and their lifestyle.

Have a read about what product photos you need in another one of my handy blog posts on this! A real photo of your products will sell better than an average stock image. A Photographer’s nightmare, they are!


Two Drifters Drinks Product Photography   Nia Ski Shop Professional Photography


So, there is no doubt that high-quality images contribute to any businesses success, but here’s some reasons why you need to support your local Photographer, instead of buying those pesky stock images.

Professional photographers understand the kind of images that are best suited to your business, brand and style. With years of experience in photography, they have the right skill-set to deliver what will sell and help your small business to grow. 

Additionally, product or business photographers (like me!) are knowledgeable about the perfect lighting, ideal photoshoot locations, styling, editing and have this all set so you can just sit back, relax and finally enjoy a cuppa that doesn’t go cold!

We’re also known best for delivering those high-quality product images that help you market in a sustainable, quality way and might get you into some PR. While smartphones are good for capturing images, their photography settings are quite limited. An iPhone doesn’t make you a Photographer. Professionals work with some fancy equipment so you don’t have to add ‘Learn camera settings’ to your already long to-do list.


Have I convinced you to outsource your photography yet? Get in touch to hear about my product photography packages and how I can help with all of the above, and more.

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