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How to prepare for your Lifestyle Photoshoot

6th Apr 2024

Photoshoots are important. They showcase your business, your product and your passion. It’s even more important that you know what you want to get out of a Lifestyle photoshoot of your own – or at least have some idea! I often get asked what is needed for a shoot, so I’ve dedicated this blog to how to prepare for your Lifestyle Photoshoot.

Grab a cuppa and get reading to make the most out of your shoot. Don’t forget, you can drop me a line at any time to chat things through…


What to expect from your shoot?

Lifestyle shoots can be range from 1-4 hours (or a whole day if you fancy) capturing the day to day of your business, from your friendly team, to the process behind all that you do and provides natural imagery of the business you’re proud to be the force behind. It’s about capturing all you do in a fun, relaxed way to produce lifestyle photos you can use for social media, promotional materials and your website!

From you working on your laptop, to making your products, organising your space, and doing what you do best! I’m flexible in my shooting and will bring my own ideas, alongside your own vision, to the shoot. It’s all about collaboration and working together to create a cohesive and natural collection of photos!

I’ll walk you through the shoot, making you feel at ease in front of the camera, and capturing the passion behind your business. Don’t forget you can bring your own ideas to the shoot! Here’s a recap of what to plan for…


Lifestyle Photoshoot for Nia Ski  



How to prepare for your shoot?

Share your mood-board and ideas with me! Take a look at the images in my portfolio or do some research online to start pulling together images that are similar to what you want to achieve. It’s always a useful place to start so I have a clear idea of what you’re looking for!

Give your studio, workshop or office space a good clean! It’s always best to have a blank canvas where we can move things around and capture the most important details.

Have a change of clothes (or two) ready so we can do a quick outfit swap mid shoot! Why? Photos with the same clothes can make it look like we’ve had a shoot in a day. We have (of course) but your customers will never know if you simply swap a top! Make this short and sweet, while reflecting your brand.

Make sure you have a rough shot list of anything specific you want captured in your time. A shot list helps us both to plan for your shoot with me, so write down anything you would like me to definetely capture!

The best way to create a shot list is in an Excel spreadsheet or through Milanote so you can easily share it with me! Here’s a run down of things you may want to include:

Start by listing the subjects you want to shoot, list any specific shots you need, tell / prepare your team if needed, share details with your Photographer (aka me!) and feel free to reference back to it on the day to make sure everything you need for your content strategy / social plan is covered!



Lifestyle Photoshoot for Blend in Cornwall, UK  



All lifestyle shoots include initial planning, mood board and call, directing, time on site and post editing. You will have chosen which Lifestyle shoot, and how many hours from my Pricing guide so look back to see what you get in the time, or message me with any extra questions. Want a whole day shoot or think you need extra time? Simply let me know when booking!

Your shoot will usually include:

– Photographs of you doing what you do best in your space.

– Images of your space, detail shots of your tools and products (if you are creative/product based business).

– Some beautiful portrait shots of you / your team.


Hopefully that’s helped a little towards planning for your photoshoot! With the ideas you’ve gathered and shot list you’ve curated, simply pop them to me on email so I can see your hard work and I’ll get back to you if I have any more questions on it.

Phew, your work here is done so sit back, grab a cuppa and get ready for your photoshoot day! It’s probably not that far away!

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