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How to use photos from your Beach Photoshoot

22nd Apr 2024

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve booked a beach photoshoot with me. Good choice! It’s the perfect photoshoot for small brands, makers, creatives and entrepreneurs looking for updated brand photos and head shot style photos! 

My Beach Branding shoots are back for this Summer 2024, hitting gorgeous beach spots around Devon and Cornwall.

You join me for a fun, natural shoot on the beach, but what do you do with the photos from your beach shoot after you’ve received them?

Oh the possibilities are endless! Think about sharing that lovely face of yours on an introductory post, adding it to a welcome guide for what you do or even emblazon them all over your fancy about page so people know the face behind the business.


Beach Photoshoot in Cornwall for independent businesses 


Using your photos effectively from your photoshoot is key to making the most out of your fresh imagery! So once you’ve received your glorious fresh photos from your shoot, here’s a few ways you can use your new imagery online:

Change some of the photos on your website to make it consistent and reflect your brand (oh and profile pic!)

Use your amazing new photos to snag a spot in a magazine or for an article on how you started your biz

Replace your photos in promotional materials and business resources such as banners, flyers, business cards. You name it!


Beach Photoshoot in Cornwall for independent businesses Beach Photoshoot in Cornwall for independent businesses


Tell your story and show your face behind the brand to reintroduce yourself to your customers on a post on social!

Change your content with the seasons to make sure you share some summer imagery and then book another Autumn beach shoot ahead of winter months content.

Update your Facebook business banner to include a gorgeous photo of yourself for your followers.

Oh my list could go on! Hopefully that’s helped a little towards using the photos from your beach shoot effectively for marketing all you do! I can’t wait to see a whole host of lovely new faces on the beach when you book a beach photoshoot this season. See you there!

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