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Ideal product photos for your small business

5th May 2023

An inside look into the best type of ideal product photos you need for your small business, and those that I include on one of my product photoshoots.


For those lovely customers of yours to click buy, they want to be sure that they know what they are getting. Product photos that show all parts of your product helps shoppers make confident purchases.

Here’s the low down of what great product photos can accomplish:

  • It grabs the attention of potential customers and compels them to click – and to buy.
  • It displays the product clearly.
  • It communicates important information about size, colour, and materials.
  • It captures both the purpose and feeling of the product.
  • It helps shoppers imagine the product in their lives.

Using a good mix of product photos, and asking for these in your shot list for your product shoot, means shoppers will get an understanding of your product and want to snap it up! (Pun not intended)


1. Plain background shot

What is it? Your product on a plain white background with plenty of light and space.

Why use it? A simple shot with no styling is a clear way to show potential customers what you’re selling. Clear photos help set a realistic expectation of what a customer will be receiving in the post, and is rather handy for any PR or online marketplaces!




2. Lifestyle shot

What is it? Your product shown just as it would be used.

Why use it? A lifestyle shot helps people imagine what their lives would be like if they owned your product. Illustrating the product being used that can help sway shoppers to make a purchase. Plus, marketplaces like Not On The Highstreet require lifestyle shots to meet their photography guidelines and to get products featured.





3. Scale shot

What is it? A photo of the product that communicates its size.

Why use it? Shoppers want to know the details, and this means how big or small a product is! Hands in frame always help with showcasing the size, and ticking that lifestyle shot all in one!




4. Close up shot

What is it? A close-up photo that highlights your product’s features from all angles.

Why use it? Close-up shots show off the quality and beautiful details, such as the noted pages of a sketchbook, or foiling on a greetings card. Gotta love a good detail shot!


5. Group shot

What is it? Your products arranged beautifully together

Why use it? Group shots are especially good to show an entire collection or to easily share where products might be sold in sets or together. It’s also a good idea to show your products available in different colours, or materials.




6. Packaging shot

What is it? A photograph of what your product would come packaged in.

Why use it? Knowing how your product is packaged gives customers a better sense of your branding and what to expect in the mail. A lovely packaging shot may also inspire gift ideas, or show your environmentally friendly ethos!


7. Process shot

What is it? Your product being made.

Why use it? A process shot can be used to emphasize the level of workmanship that went into a particular item. These types of shots are also handy for promoting your business on social media. This isn’t included in a studio product shoot but is another way to include lifestyle photography that shows hands at work, and a little about the behind the scenes of your business day to day!




On your product shoot with me, you’ll get a good range of the above to incorporate into your product listings, and help your online shop shine! You can use any combination of these photo types when using them online so take advantage of as many opportunities as you have to show your product from every angle. For example, on Etsy you can add up to 10 photos per listing.


Looking to up your product photography game? Let’s work together.

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