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Tips on posing to feel comfortable in front of the lens on your photoshoot

2nd Aug 2023

I absolutely hate being in front of the camera – just like you. Why else do you think I’m behind the lens? Whilst I don’t like it, and much prefer my job of capturing others, I understand the importance of having photos of myself for business and know they always gain better engagement. Plus, I understand how you feel on a shoot and help to make it as fun and relaxed as possible. Keep reading to get some tips on posing to feel comfortable in front of the lens…


It’s easier than it sounds once you’ve had your first shoot with me and some practice, but I constantly receive questions asking how the people I work with look so natural in their photos. Someone recently told me that they love the naturalness of my photoshoots, and that was so lovely to hear as I always aim to capture it how it really is. 


I hear the words ‘I’m nervous about getting my photo taken”  from almost every client I work with. Since being in front of the camera is a challenging and downright intimidating situation for so many, I decided it was time to share a few tips to help camera shy folks relax during a photoshoot with me. 


A woman having her photo taken on a lifestyle photoshoot with a painting in the background.  Woman smiling having her photograph taken on a Branding photoshoot



Make sure to wear something comfortable.

Anything that makes you feel comfortable and confident is perfect! Pockets on outfits are always useful for hiding away hands if you feel you don’t know what to do with them, but I’ll advise on how to feel comfortable on the day too!


Make sure you’re comfortable with the photographer.

It’s just me behind the lens, and I want us to laugh away the awkward moments and have a bit of fun together during your shoot. Let’s chat if you’re nervous before your shoot!


Shake it off.

Don’t let your self feel stiff in photos. General rule of thumb: If your pose feels awkward or unnatural then it probably looks that way too! So relax, release the stiffness, and let your body move the way it wants to!



Man driving boat on the ocean as part of a Lifestyle Photoshoot  Woman on beach for headshots for her business


Move it.

Move CONSTANTLY. It doesn’t have to be big dramatic movements but just some small movement can make you relax and create those natural photos you’re looking for. You will feel less awkward because you won’t be frozen in one position AND you’ll have a verity of shots to choose from!


Take a few deep breaths

Take a moment to get to the location or shoot early if you’re super nervous. Take some breaths and focus on why you’re doing this. You got this.


Come prepared.

Again, your photographer will help you with posing, but coming with a few of your own will help you feel prepared.  If you need some extra inspo, take a look at my Pinterest board “Photoshoot Poses”.

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