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What it's like to work with me

23rd May 2024

Every Photographer works slightly differently and has their own style, so it’s only fair you understand what it’s like to work with me and my values as a business if you’re keen to work together!

I’m here to capture your business in its most authentic way, producing beautiful photos and content for you to use for marketing and to promote all you do!

So, here’s how I work with you to understand what ’timeless’ means for your business and how I adapt to each client brief (because you’re all different and lovely in your own ways!) 


Photographer working with Devon and Cornwall businesses


We’ll have a thread on email, and a call before shoot if you fancy, with you explaining your vision and what you hope to get out of a shoot together. Then comes in a mood board and a few questions to answer before leaving it in my capable hands. 

Want to know more? After an initial email enquiry from you and chat, I’ll pop you a photoshoot questionnaire and send you all the details on how to book in your shoot with me. It’s really that easy!

⁠I don’t overcomplicate things over here. I don’t have fancy softwares or systems. I have a simple process with a few questions so I get an understanding of your ideal shoot vision. A shared mood board, access to our emails together, and possibly a Zoom is all you really need to cultivate a beautiful shoot that fits your brand and vision!


Photographer working with Devon and Cornwall businesses Photographer working with Devon and Cornwall businesses


While the process may be similar to other Photographers, my brand is also me – so hi! I thought I’d introduce myself and tell you a little about how what I do when I’m not behind the lens. A few of my favourite things include a flat white, yoga, surfing in Cornwall and Devon, and sunshine (even better if by the sea!)  Find out more about my day to day by connecting on Instagram.

I’m big on sustainability and am plastic free throughout my business, reusing packaging materials and minimising waste wherever possible. I even plant trees with every photoshoot, aspiring to make this more local to me in the South West UK this summer!



Whilst I seek to support all enquires the come through with photography, there’s times I’ve had to put up my business boundaries and refer them elsewhere if I can’t take on their vision. Here’s 3 enquiries I said immediately no to last year:

  1. Will you take classic plain background headshots of me for my website? The answer? I don’t offer that. Hate to break it to you, but boring headshots for your LinkedIn or website are soo last year. I capture authentic, natural lifestyle shots either on the beach or in your workspace to show the real face behind the business – with a little personality!
  1. I only want 5 photos. Is this something you can do? The answer? No, sorry. I have packages that give you a different number of photos and work with a wide range of budgets, but 5 photos will not cut your investment. It’s worth having a quality selection of professional imagery to work with.
  1. Can you photoshop that out for me? I want to change a lot of my appearance as I hate being in front of the camera. The answer? Hell no. I’m afraid I don’t offer photoshopping out / editing at all for that kind of thing because it’s promoting false advertising and doesn’t show the real you.



Boundaries are healthy and necessary, especially in business but I always refer the lovely businesses I can’t quite support to my fellow Photographer friends and network who I know would fit a particular style.

I’m not the Photographer for everyone and that’s ok. Each and every Photographer is different so it’s natural to want to explore a whole host of them when trusting them with the visuals for your business. When researching the right Photographer for your brand and ideas, ask all the questions and pop them a message. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, right? *I’m patiently now awaiting your email enquiry*

Do we sound like a good fit? Let’s work together and have a cuppa (or chat) over your shoot!

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