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Which photoshoot is best for your business

13th Jun 2023

You want a photoshoot for your business but don’t know which type of shoot would be best for you and all you do? You’re not alone. This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get in my inbox, so I thought I’d help you out and explain the difference.

So, should you book a lifestyle photoshoot or a product photoshoot? 


First things first, what is the different between the two? Well, a product photography shoot is your product photographed in my studio with natural, bright lighting and styling. As a photographer, it’s not just about taking the photo, it’s also about the styling and making your products look pretty to the customer!  I carefully select appropriate props to communicate your brand throughout the shoot and style the photo to make sure it complements your product and branding. Product photographs taken can be used on your website, an online shop, throughout social media, and other online retailers like Etsy and NOTHS. You don’t have to be there – just send your product to me. It’s really that simple!

A product photoshoot is perfect for brands, makers and small businesses who want quality, marketing ready imagery to help them stand out in the world of online sales.



Now, Lifestyle photoshoots have different packages depending on how many photos you’re looking to get for marketing opportunities, website updates and more!  This type of photoshoot provides a large portfolio of natural imagery and marketing ready images that you can use to show the face behind the business and the process behind your products, capturing you and any team at work in your workspace, studio, salon or restaurant – the list could go on!

A lifestyle photoshoot is perfect for small brands, creatives and hospitality and artisan foodies to communicate your brand effectively online. Never again will you have to delay that Instagram post of yours until you get the perfect photo – you’ll have a whole folder of photos to choose from! This supplies you with a huge range of photographs, from product and production, to team members and allows customers to see the behind the scenes of your brand – a little like this shoot I did for the lovely Jeni at Butter Bike.




To make your decision even easier, I’ve put together a handy guide that includes a little more information about my photoshoot packages, how many hours a shoot can range from and gives you an idea of the cost of your chosen photoshoot! For this to be sent straight to your inbox, just pop me an email and I’ll send it over!


All photoshoots, whichever you choose, produce a portfolio of photos you can use for your website and in print. Well, you hopefully now know what type of photoshoot is best for you. What are you waiting for? Still have questions? I recommend you take a good look at my portfolio for more examples of what I do, or head over to the FAQs page which has EVEN more answered! 


So now you have a better idea of which shoot is for you, what are you waiting for?

Book your shoot today.

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